customer experience management meets the global enterprise

Welcome to my website! I am a customer experience management (CEM) thought leader advising and training Fortune 1000 multinationals, new high-tech startups, biopharm and medical companies, and international branding firms. I'm also an investment banker. CEM is the single most powerful way to win outsized profits for firms, an essential insight when working with capital markets and investees in structuring a win/win investment transaction.

the big picture

Multinational corporations face the same kind of challenges that domestic corporations do, but written on a larger scale. Domestic corporations have market segments whose needs vary by preferences; multinationals engage with entire cultures whose differences matter. Domestic corporations have channels for products and marketing; multinationals have global supply chains, national business units, matrix management approaches to product and marketing activities, and costs of capital that vary by tax regime, country risk and currency rates - and media markets that span languages, tastes and laws.

But they are all linked by a single, fundamental constraint: the only sustainable value they can create flows from creating greater perceived value then their competitors do. 

cem: understanding & managing perceptions

If you want to create value, you must know what shapes your customers' perceptions of you, and how to manage those perceptions. This is a huge challenge in a world where people talk to each other at the speed of light, where perceptions are filtered by culture, expectation, and values - often unconsciously - and where businesses and business models burn faster than ever. Your perceived value goes beyond product, beyond service, beyond even "personalization". It's embedded in real-time conversations, networks of opinion, and competitors who can leverage the power of innovation and community to defeat you. What makes it even harder: Perceptions are often non-rational. How do you plan a reasonable market strategy based on people who just won't be reasonable?

the new normal: it's not the recession, it's the ecosystem

The new normal, as I define it: creating, managing, influencing and balancing your customers' perceptions. It puts you into a messy, thrilling, and extremely competitive ecosystem. If you want to see corporate value destroyed in a flash, you don't have to wait for a recession, just watch a company stumble in the customer ecosystem.

This is where customer experience management comes into play. It's at the center of value creation in a global, socially networked economy. Your playground is the planet. And your customers can throw the ball a lot faster than you can.

It's time you learned more about customer experience management so you can actually be in the game.

Enjoy the site.