Participate in the Global Customer Experience Management Awards

My first introduction to the G-CEM organization came in 2006 when I was asked to give a keynote presentation in Shanghai on the strategic value of membership in international trade associations (mostly because it improves benchmarking, quality and ability to spot and shape market conditions). During that several-day event, Sampson Lee organized a variety of high-value sessions that put China square in the middle of the international conversation on customer management. At the end of the session, awards were handed out to multiple companies in a ritual that drove home the importance of respecting cultural rituals. It was beautifully choreographed.

Since then I've served on the judges panel several times and the process is tough, responsible and (as usual when Alice Tse is in charge of logistics) very well organized. As of last year, when I participated in the awards ceremony in Shanghai, the nominees were truly international. This is more than an indication that customer management is a multinational enterprise; Sampson's group has brought China into the center of that global conversation.

about the awards

The Global Customer Experience Management Awards program was first launched in 2002 with an aim to help promoting the development of Customer Management. It is acknowledged as an excellent platform to provide recognition, sharing and learning opportunities for industry practitioners of different disciplines and industries.

Entering into its 8th year in 2009, the Program has officially been renamed the Global Customer Experience Management Awards, covering four major geographical regions (Europe, America, Asia and Africa). With its global reach, the Global Customer Experience Management Awards reward and recognize successful development and deployment of customer experience practices in different dimensions, and throughout the world. A total of 10 awards honor different strategic aspects and execution process that an enterprise has to consider for creating an effective experience to their customers.

Alice Tse and Sampson Lee of G-CEM, with me at a great Starbucks in Shanghai. Sampson's team has done extensive global customer experience studies on cross-cultural responses to the Starbucks experience.The Effective Experience Framework will be used as the evaluation criterion for the awards program. The framework is a core element of the Branded Customer Experience Management Method (U.S. patent-pending) developed by G-CEM. The framework offers 12 measures in four categories: VOC, Strategy, Touch-point and Execution.

To uphold G-CEM's core value of being neutral, international, professional and authoritative, the Advisor Panel and International Partners of G-CEM plus senior delegates of supporting organizations will be invited as Panel Judges at different stages of the election process.

The awards program has drawn massive media coverage and reportage in both local and international markets. Through the collaboration of global alliances, G-CEM is looking forward to joining hands with more professional organizations to promote customer experience best practices to help organizations achieve greater success.

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