Get trained in CEM in San Francisco (November 14-15, 2012)


Photo Copyright (c) 2008, Angela Potter. All rights reserved.I'm privileged to be an instructor at many of G-CEM's trainings customer experience management trainings, held worldwide.

The next CEM trainings will be in San Francisco and Milan.

You can find out more about our CEM training and certification course at this link.

G-CEM, out of Shanghai, China, has been conducting executive trainings for several years in the areas of customer relationship management and customer experience management. Led by Sampson Lee, G-CEM is the largest customer management portal in China and has increasingly been acting on the global stage with an international customer management awards ceremony, a prestigious event where multinational corporations compete for top honors based on detailed descriptions of their customer management programs.

You'll be in great company with your trainees, who represent major international financial services, manufacturing, retailing, and telecom companies. And ... you'll be near Hong Kong! Be sure to make time to get into town and see it with new, CEM eyes!