practice areas

Our consultants and partners specialize in:

  • Global CEM strategy
  • Global CEM implementation
  • Change management
  • Business process design
  • Performance management
  • Global customer relationship management
  • Customer value management
  • Analytics
  • Touchpoint design
  • Value proposition design
  • Cross-cultural experience design and management
  • Experience innovation
  • Value proposition development
  • Multi-touchpoint technologies and optimization
  • Social network strategies
  • Global reputation management


Our consulting arrangements range from one week in length to many months, and can be priced at a firm fixed price, daily, or even for hourly consultations.

  • Our daily rate is USD$5,000 per consultant.
  • Our weekly rate is USD$20,000 per consultant.
  • For days that involve training, the rates reflect our standard training rates
  • While travel, lodging and meals are normal expenses paid by our clients, we don't want to "nickel-and-dime" you. We're expensive, there's no need to take an "all expenses paid" approach to every engagement.
  • In longer engagements we favor video conferencing as a key cost- and time-management tactic. If this is an appropriate feature of our engagement with you, we will incorporate them.

An alternative, performance-based pricing approach is also available, in which our prices are reduced in return for a post-engagement payment of an amount determined by the client. This "tip" is proportionate to your satisfaction with the engagement.


All engagements follow a specific methodology for assessment (scope, scale and success metrics), project management, stakeholder engagement, training, and reporting. Each component, except for assessment, can be scaled to fit many budgets.

All projects are managed using a private client extranet. This extranet houses the schedule, tasks, roles, responsibilities, threaded discussions - even videos and conference call recordings. We want the product of our collaboration to be an asset to your organization.

At the end of the engagement, depending on the terms, many of these assets will be turned over to you with a plan that helps you deepen the impact of our work on your organization.

post-engagement commitment

Our biggest impact often comes after we've left the room and our clients start down their path to meaning customer engagement and customer profitability. Depending on the terms of the engagement, our team will provide ongoing support.