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integrated enterprise excellence: not just an idea, but a system and a series of books

Don't believe me, believe your own eyes. Check out parts of Volume II on Amazon.com.My colleague and business process reengineering go-to guy, Forrest Breyfogle III, is offering for a limited time deep discounts on several of the books that have made him famous as a master black belt/lean guru. I have them all and endorse them. In fact, his approach goes way beyond these popular methods, while incorporating their strengths. 

To get a flavor of why Forrest's approach creates business value (a hint is in the term integrated), consider this metaphor Forrest shared with me in a recent conversation: Too many businesses are like a big piece of beautiful furniture being sanded, stained, and finished by multiple teams each in their own way.

The result is a piece of junk that you'd never want to buy. You don't want all your best intentions at making a leaner organization to actually drive you out of business. 

Here's the pitch from Forrest. I strongly urge you to pick up one or more copies of his books if you are interested at all in improving and aligning your business processes.

Many who have gone through our Master Black Belt training are assisting organizations with process improvement coaching and/or training.  Having a book handy to reference and/or explain a concept to another can be very beneficial. Because of this, I am sending you the following information about a deep discount on my 2008 published book series, The "Integrated Enterprise Excellence System."  Provided in this series of books are project execution and business system roadmaps for going beyond Lean Six Sigma and the Balanced Scorecard.   

The following individual-book-title-quantity discounts are now being offered: 

Quantity   Discount
up to 23    40% off 
24 to 47    50% off 
48 to 95    60% off
96 to __    65% off

For every 24 copies of Volume III purchased, we will provide, at no additional cost, a Vol. III Solutions Manual with data sets. 

For your reference, the list prices for the books are:
- The Integrated Enterprise Excellence System: $16.95
- Volume I: $27.95
- Volume II: $54.95
- Volume III: $124.95

Prices do not include shipping. 

If you are interested, send me an email to place your order. 

Forrest W. Breyfogle III
LinkedIn Profile: 
ASQ Fellow
CEO and President
Smarter Solutions, Inc.

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