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pentatonic scale, bobby mcferrin, customer collaboration, and brand overextension

Check this out. Then review the points/questions below the vid. I love Bobby. 

1. How much info did Bobby have to communicate to set the pattern?

2. If he had used words instead of his body, would the pattern have been as clear, or the audience as engaged?

3. What was the audience's visceral reaction to their "discovery" of the first note that Bobby did NOT explicitly teach them?

4. When Bobby split his legs across two notes, what was their visceral reaction? Could he have divided the audience to handle that situation? 

5. How much is a "split signal" likely to confuse and disturb an audience, or customer? What does this have to do with brand extensions?

6. When did Bobby cease to be a leader and turn over the reigns to the audience? Or did he?

7. Why did the audience like this experience?

8. Why is this experience intrinsically time-based?

9. Why is this experience intrinsically incremental? What is built incrementally? Roles? Trust? Empowerment?

10. The topic that inspired this moment was "expectations". We talk about expectations in CEM all the time, as related to satisfaction. But is this what inspired Bobby to do this demonstration? What does he mean by expectations here? 

11. How much is Bobby leveraging deep cultural knowledge? If he had asked anyone BEFORE this demonstration to sing a pentatonic scale, what do you think would have happened? How would the experience have been different?

12. How is this like the Apple Store? Like Twitter? Like the Facebook feed? 

13. What is Bobby's brand? Where was it shown? Where was it created? 

14. What makes this memorable? Valuable? Repeatable? Universal? 

15. Once you've done this as an audience member, would you enjoy it as much the second time? If not, how does Bobby (the brand) reinvent/transform the experience into something that delivers a similar "wow" to the first event? What are the deep brand values in play with a company that are separate from its brand "tactics"?

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